Letters to a Disciple from The Lord of Healing Love by Carolyn Burd Christie

O. Beloved of My Heart,
You are always in My Will,
For you and I are One.
In the unseen realms,
the realm of God Spirit,
There is no separation;
It is only in the physical
visible world
That you seem to be
from other people
and from things.

I rejoice, My Child,
that your consciousness
is embracing
and knowing this Reality!
This is what I have always known,
And could therefore
accept all
in perfect Love,
I am speaking to you
All the time,
I Am leading you
to those
who are helping
in your unfoldment.
They are helping you
By reflecting to you
what is happening
deep within yourself.
So when you hear
what seems to be a new idea
from another person,
They are really saying
just what you are discovering
This is the Law of Life,
in every area,
in every aspect.
Fear not, My own,
I Am always with you,
guiding and guarding.
How could I not be with you,
When I Am in you
(at your invitation),
And you are in Me,
as you have accepted
My invitation?
But this is onl
for the sake of your consciousness,
this thing
of being invited
and coming in,
Because in Reality
We are One
and always have been
and always will be.
You are learning,
O My Child,
this  great Truth
In a deeper way,
deeper in your being,
than you have realized
up to now.
You see, this is why prayer works!
You are entering
into that communion
which is forever real
in the inner Mind,
the Mind of God.
God always “hears” your prayer –
And as you believe,
your prayer is made manifest
in the outer realm.
How long, how long
It takes My children
To grow up
Into this knowing!
Many, many lifetimes –
But when you achieve this knowing,
It is by no means the end,
But only a stage,
a stepping stone
a platform,
From which you may build
a far greater knowing
and understating
of God
and You
and Me
an All.
There is no end
to our unfolding.
Beloved of My Heart!
I, too, am still unfolding,
For God is infinite
And there is no limit
to the Glory
that we may experience!
We all live and move
and have our Being
in Him, Who is Being.
And it is  joy
and grace
and beauty
and Truth
And everything that is good and perfect.
I love you so much, Beloved.
You will soon see more,
and know more
and be glad!

And so it is! Amen