“The Fort Wayne Ministries of The Brigade of Light” was brought into being in 1993 through the love and devotion of Rev. Carolyn Christie.  Carolyn’s inspiration came from “The Brigade of Light” in Reasonover, North Carolina and her lifelong friend Marian Starnes.  Carolyn blessed us all with her pure loving and wonder-filled wisdom. You can experience her wisdom in her writings, “Letters to a Disciple from The Lord of the Healing Love”.

We began meeting every Sunday at the YWCA on North Wells St. where we worshiped together until 2008 when the facility was purchased.  We then found our current wonderful space of worship at 6722 E. State Blvd. in the Georgetown Shopping Center.  Rev. Conra Kay Faor, Carolyn’s successor, walked through the building with several others when it was full of young people playing video games.  The walls were black and the ceiling grid was orange and green. They all agreed that this was the place.  It only took the volunteers four days to clean, paint and put everything away to enjoy our first worship service in our new tranquil blue and yellow home.  Everyone painted their love into the walls and ceiling.  It was all their love that transformed this place into our peaceful and loving new home.  A special thanks goes to our beloved, Daniel Stark, who supervised the volunteers and work.  Everyone did an amazing job.

We have a prayer study group that meets every Wednesday afternoon.  We have cookies and coffee after worship service on the second Sunday of the month.  We have a wonderful fellowship and potluck after service on the last Sunday of the month. The food is always unique with gluten free and vegetarian dishes.

All are welcome.  We’d love to meet and get to know you.