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On Sunday, December 4, 2016, Rev. Conra Kay Faor shared about how the Church could better serve the community during this Holiday season.

She said that the main focus of our Church is to raise people up. One can only do that, however, when one is focused in the Loving and share that Loving with others. The Loving presence within us is the real power that can transform the world around us all. The Loving within allows us to be who we really are as a Soul. As we stay focused on our own Loving within during our meditations, it illuminates us and our presence illuminates everyone we meet. We become the true gift of Christmas as we speak the language of Love.

Our Loving connects us to one another at this Christ-Mass season.

Heart-shaped Christmas ornament
Heart-shaped Christmas ornament

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Cookie Decoration

Brigade of Lights kindly hosted ILM’s Christmas Cookie Decorating Event on December 3. Look at these fabulous creations! 🙂

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Brady’s Monet-like creations.

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January 10

Letters to a Disciple from The Lord of Healing Love by Carolyn Burd Christie

Come, Beloved of My Heart,
Come to the fountain and drink,
The fountain of living water
which I Am
within you.

As you are still,
So may you receive
My deepest blessing.
Know that I Am
in you,
And My Love is made manifest
in you,
Quickening your higher self,
The self of you
that is higher
than your senses
or thoughts
or emotions.
Receive Me, My Beloved,
For I come.
I Am.
Know Me in the midst of you.
Only here in the silence
can you know Me
as I Am.
And so it is! Amen.

August 24

Letters to a Disciple from The Lord of Healing Love by Carolyn Burd Christie (extract)

Beloved of My Heart
This day
have I begotten thee.
Go forth now
in My strength and power,
and minister to all nations.


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Creativity is a way of living!

Talk by Ildiko Kudlik, July 26, 2015

Creation used to be the sole providence of God. We did not separate creation and creativity from the Divine until the Renaissance. The Renaissance man started to attribute single individuals with special abilities they claimed was not of God but human an called them creativity. We call creativity a science since the beginning of the 20th century.

Creativity as a science has three main areas: Problem Solving; Imagination; Innovation. However, the importance of creativity in our everyday life is not only to become more innovative or being better in problem solving but to have a meaningful life.

Being creative allows us to become aware, to expand beyond the routines, and see the magnificent tapestry of our individual life.

September 27

Letters to a Disciple from The Lord of Healing Love by Carolyn Burd Christie

O. Beloved of My Heart,
You are always in My Will,
For you and I are One.
In the unseen realms,
the realm of God Spirit,
There is no separation;
It is only in the physical
visible world
That you seem to be
from other people
and from things.

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